Tea Ingredients

We have been primary supplier of Herbs, Spices, Dried Flowers, Ded Fruits, Tea leafs etc to Tea Industries across the world. We have years of experience working with leading tea brands,

which helps us producing finest quality Tea Ingredients. 

What are Tea Ingredients?

Today Tea is more than just a tea. Tea engineers are developing various speciality tea with different flavours, different health benefits. There are variety of Herbs, Spices, Fruits and Flowers available which add unique properties like taste, aroma, nutrients to the blend. These ingredients are called Tea Ingredients. 

Commonly Used Tea Ingredients

All the ingredients are used in different forms like whole, cut, powder etc. We select the finest herb, spices and botanicals to ensure superior quality ingredients for tea. Here is list of Ingredients we offer. 

Available Sizes

Available Packaging

Our Certifiacations

If you can't see, What you are looking for, Please Contact Us with your detailed requirement.

We also have solution for Loose Tea Leaf and Private Label Tea Packs 

LooseTea Leafs

Private Lable Tea


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