Raw Honey

We have been primary supplier of Honey for various applications. 
We specialise in providing top quality, consistent product at competitive price. 

Our Honey

At our modern facility in Ahmedabad, India, we are equipped to handle your needs in the same professional manner that we serve our existing food service and food manufacturing customers. 

Our plant and prcedures are ISO 22000 and USDA Organic certified. 

We supply all grades of Multi flora liquid honey, including conventional and organic Honey. 


Our honey is used everyday in premium products like

  •     Cereals

  •     Breads    

  •     Sauces

  •     Dressings

  •     Desserts

  •     Candy

  •     Meats

  •     Nutraceuticals

Packaging Options

We provice various packaging like Bulk, Gallons, Totes, Barrel Drums, 20 lb Jerry Cans, Pails, Retail / Consumer Pack according to customer's requirement.

For more information, Please Contact Us with your detailed requirement.

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