Organic Liquid Fertilizer

This Organic Liquid Fertilizer (OLF) contains all the basic elements, macro & micro nutrients, growth promoters alongwith microbes to enhance the quality and quantity for the crop. OLF also reduces the overall time required for crop development. 

It can be used for almost all types of crops and can help increase the production considerably. 

This unique product "KALPTARU Organic Liquid Fertilizer " is developed by Greemanity Industries LLP, India with research facilitation from Navsari Agricultural University, India.

We are official exporter of all fertilizer products of Greemanity Industries LLP, India.

Basic Information

Content: SAP obtained from Banana pseudo stems

Function: Growth and flowering stimulant by root growth


Dose: 2.5 litre per acre


Recommended Crops: Any Field Crops/ Horticultural Crops/ Fruit Crops


Application Type: At the time and any stage of crop in soil or over the crop.



Do not use along with chemical pesticides or fungicides

If you are using chemical fertilizers, keep gap of minimum 15 days before using Organic Liquid Fertilizer.

Packaging Options

We provice various packaging like Bulk, Gallons, Totes, Barrel Drums, 20 lb Jerry Cans, Pails, Retail / Consumer Pack according to customer's requirement.

For more information, Please Contact Us with your detailed requirement.


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