We have been primary supplier of Honey for various applications. 
We specialise in providing top quality, consistent product at competitive price. 

Ice Creame Machines

  • Freezing Ice Pan Machine

  • Gelato Ice Cream Machine

  • Ripple Softy Ice Cream Machine

  • Double Pan Fried Ice Cream Machine

  • Pan Ice Cream Machine

  • Fried Ice Pan Machine

  • Hard Ice Cream Machine Hardening Tunnel

  • Tawa Ice Cream Machine

  • Softy Ice Cream Machine

  • Single Falvour Ice Cream Machines

  • Ripple Softy Ice Cream Machine

We supply professional Ice Creme Machines for various type of Ice Cremes and variety of processes. 

Freezers & Chillers

We supply batch freezers, Chillers etc for various restaurants, Hotels etc. 

Topping Bars

We supply customised topping bars for various restaurants, Hotels etc. 

If you can't see what you are looking for, please Contact Us with your detailed requirement. 


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