Health and Personal Care

We are bulk supplier of wide variety of food and herb ingredients. We have wide network of Producers and Processors across the globe, enabling fast and smooth supply.

Nutritional Supplements

We supply high quality herbs which are extensively used as herbal / food supplement. 

Hair & Skin Care

We supply variety of natural hair and skin care ingredients for natural cosmetic formulations.

Essential Oils & Carrier Oils

We offer range of high quality Essential Oils and Carrier Oils in bulk.

Handmade Soap

We supply premium quality hand made soaps and herbal soaps made with plant oils and other natural ingredients as required by the customer.

Bath Bombs

We offer range of bath bombs, which are availalble with customisation and private lable packaging.

Bath Salts

We offer premium Bath salts which are blended with all natural healing salts, flowers, nourishing oils and pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

Miscelenious Personal Care Products

We can make other personal care products like lip balm, moisturisers, toners, masks etc with your brand label. 

Home Fragrance Products

Our Fragrance Range includes Speciality Incenses, Aroma Candles, Vaporizers, Diffusers etc.

Home Fragrance Products

If you can't see what you are looking for, or If you have any special requirement, 

please Contact Us with your detailed requirement.