Dehydrated Fruits & Vegetables

Dehydrated products have huge applications in industries like process food, bakery, tea, nutritional suppliment etc. These products are used in different forms, size, texture according to its application.

We are supplying various dehydrated fruits and vegetables which are available as air dried ,freeze dried and spray dried ingredients.

Air Dried

In Air driying process, the product is exposed to Hot Air, which removes water from the fruit or vegetable. Its very cost effective option as compared to freeze dried products.

Freeze Dried 

The drying takes place using Low Temperature Cold Drying technology. It incorporates stringent process for drying the fruit/vegetable/flower/herb in a sterilized closed room at low temperature to reduce microbial load and allow easy rehydration. This ensures that the product retains 100% natural nutrients, taste, color, flavor and aroma.

We can supply Freeze Dried Fruit, Vegetables, Flowers, herbs etc on order basis according to your requirement.

Spray Dried

Fruit Juice or pulp is dried by combining atomised spray of pulp and hot gases. This process provides free flowing powder. 

Almost all other methods of drying, produce a mass of material requiring further processing (e.g. grinding and filtering) therefore, producing particles of irregular size and shape. Spray drying on the other hand, offers a very flexible control over powder particle properties such as density, size, flow characteristics and moisture content.

Here is list of Dehydrated products we can supply,

and these products are available in various forms like Cubes, Sripes, Powder etc.

If you can't see what you are looking for, or If you need any further information,

 please Contact Us with your detailed requirement. 


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